Mission & History


Tri-Cities Ministries is dedicated to bridging gaps for our neighbors through case management and emergency assistance, building partnerships through community engagement, and bringing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ for all.


Through our work, we hope to see our communities be healed, the ravages of poverty lessened, and for people to come to Jesus because the unified church loved them.



Tri-Cities Ministries began over 40 years ago as the Tri-Cities Ministerial Association.  The Bellmead Police Department reached out to area churches because citizens and people passing through were committing crimes to meet their most basic needs.  Area churches in Bellmead, Lacy Lakeview and the community formerly known as Northcrest began responding to these needs.

These churches pooled together their benevolence funds help assist community members with food, gasoline, rent/utilities and shelter.  Many of the participating churches were small with limited budgets and staff time and trying to meet community needs individually was difficult. When the churches banded together they were able to assist and serve many more community members.

The association has also served as a source of fellowship and connection among the churches in these communities.  The participating churches represent Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Methodist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, and Non-Denominational backgrounds.  Each Easter and Thanksgiving, participating churches gather for worship and the members support the shared ministry through a love offering.

The pastors of participating churches also meet once a month for fellowship and to plan for the shared ministry.  These meetings have been opportunities for personal and professional development, fellowship, and interdenominational encouragement.

Tri-Cities Ministries received its 501(C)(3) Faith Based Nonprofit Status on February 16, 2017. Today, Tri-Cities Ministries is made up of churches in Bellmead, Lacy Lakeview and the Elm Mott/Chalk Bluff region.  We seek to bridge the gap for community members in need, build our communities through partnership and community engagement, and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ’s love for all.  Together we hope the unified Church would be a source of hope, a resource in times of need, and a part of building healthy communities that know the love of Jesus Christ.