Staff & Volunteers

Executive Director

Natalie Ortiz-Lovince - Director
Natalie Ortiz-Lovince

Natalie Ortiz-Lovince has a background in ministry and social work and believes the best way we can create environments of empowerment is in the intersection of communities and faith spaces. Natalie is passionate about social justice and loves working in the realm of the ethical integration of faith and practice, advocating for racial reconciliation, and calling for a better understanding of mental health and trauma in all areas of life. She graduated from Baylor University with an M.Div and M.S.W. and she looks forward to living out her faith by being an advocate in her community. 



Jennifer Lewis is a previous graduate of Texas State University. She received her M.S.W. May 2023. She has an extensive history in serving communities and working with individuals and families. We were honored to have her intern with us during the 2022-23 Academic year, and were excited to invite her to join our team. We are so lucky to have her voice in our organization!



The hospitality team helps community members feel welcomed and comfortable during their wait, providing light refreshment, conversation and referrals for services.

Case Managers

Volunteers are trained as lay case managers. They come alongside community members and commit to journey together with them to work towards goals the community member would like to complete to help them move from this point of crisis to a place of stability.


Administration volunteers work every week in the background to make sure our organization runs smoothly.  From making copies and making sure our supplies are stocked, to tirelessly recording program data or bookkeeping and running reports.  All of our jobs are easier because of these wonderful people!

Web/Social Media/Technology

Our very own “geek squad” keeps us up to date in the digital age.  This is the group that fields every technological question we have and sees it as a beautiful and exciting task to conquer!