Food Drive

Food Drive

How can I help?
You can:

  1. Purchase food yourself and bring it to our Food Pantry Host Church
  2. Purchase food online and have it delivered to our Food Pantry Host Church through our Amazon Wishlist
  3. Host a food/hygiene kit drive at your church or local office. Please contact for more information.
    • We are happy to help make promotional information for you and pick up any donations.

Where and when do I take/send the food?
Food can be delivered to our Food Pantry Host Church:
Lakeview Baptist Church
125 N. Bermuda St.
Lacy-Lakeview, TX 76705

Please place items in the delivery box at the front of the church
Please email us at to notify us you are sending food!

What things do you need?
We need the following items.
You can click on most of these for a link to HEB online ordering or you can follow this link to our Amazon Wishlist.

For our Family Food Bag, we need the following items

Oatmeal Pancake Mix Cereal Canned Fruit    Peanut Butter
Jelly Dried Beans  Rice          Pasta                 Pasta Sauce
Can Soup Box Desserts       Canned Veggies    Canned Meat Bread Mix

For our Individual To-Go Bag, we need to following ready-to-eat items

Granola Bars Fruit Cups Pop-top Meat  PB/Cheese Crackers Pudding Cups
Pop-top Soup Pop Tarts Bottled Water Assorted Cutlery  

For our Hygiene Pack, we currently need to following items

Tooth Paste Ziploc Bags Deodorant Razors Small Shaving Cream
Bar Soap Combs Wash Cloths Hand Lotion  Laundry Detergent

If I want to participate, who should I contact?
If you plan to donate food items, please email so the Host Church can be expecting you.