At Tri-Cities

Journey Together – Program Overview

The Journey Together program provides emergency assistance and ongoing support to community members in Bellmead, Lacy Lakeview and the Elm Mott/Chalk Bluff region. Each household may receive $75-$100 of assistance annually with rent, utilities, food, and/or gasoline/bus passes for job interviews and doctors’ appointments.

Important things to know.

In order to be careful stewards of the money gifted to us we have a couple of regulations.

  • Assistance is only for the final $100 of rent or the final $75 of a utility bill
  • No cash is given out
  • Each type of emergency assistance counts toward the maximum

How do I qualify to receive emergency assistance?

  • You must live in the 76705 or 76640 zip code
  • Provide proof of need (i.e. financial hardship, recent job loss, etc.)

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Everyone must bring:
    • Current ID or driver’s license
    • Current proof of residence (bill in your name, lease agreement, etc.)
  • For rent assistance:
    • Current lease agreement in your name
    • Contact information for your landlord
    • Receipt showing a current balance of $100
  • For utilities assistance:
    • Current bill in your name
    • Receipt showing balance of $75
  • For gasoline/bus passes:
    • Proof of doctor’s appointment or job interview

Why should I come back after receiving the emergency assistance I needed?

Often a crisis is just the tip of what is going on and we would be grateful to continue to work with you on goals which would alleviate future burdens. Through ongoing support with the Journey Together program you have access to regular meetings with a caring volunteer to set and work on goals, additional financial support and someone to accompany you to help navigate services in the Waco area.