Housing Social Policy

Governmental laws have significant impact on the way we live by helping or hindering people in different ways.
This page is meant to highlight relevant laws, certain key effects they create, and suggest actions in light of the laws.
Here are some laws that may be helpful to you:

Policy Name: Panhandling: Texas Transportation Code 552.007

The cities of Bellmead and Lacy-Lakeview do not have an ordinance prohibiting panhandling, which is a source of income for many homeless individuals. However, law enforcement officials employ Texas Transportation Code 552.007 to address issues. Code 552.007 dictates that a person my not stand in a roadway to solicit contributions. Subsection (a) of the code defines “roadway” as the roadbed, shoulder, median, curb, safety zone, sidewalk, and utility easement (space on the side of the road where the power poles are).


  • A person cannot legally panhandle from a roadway because they can be arrested.
  • It is possible to legally panhandle from a parking lot or private property. However, be aware that a store owner or property owner has the right to ask someone to stop panhandling, leave the property, and charge someone with trespassing if they do not comply. The owners could call the police and file a complaint which could result in an arrest.
  • The police department give several warnings before a person is arrested, unless the owner wants to charge someone with trespassing after the refuse to leave the premises.


  1. Find a safe and noninvasive place to panhandle
  2. Find other ways for quick, short-term income such as donating plasma, doing manual labor, or selling possessions/goods.