Rent Assistance



  • Rent, utilities, groceries, medication and gas passes through Intensive Case Management (ICM) and Texas Veterans Commissions (TVC) case management programs and emergency assistance program.
  • Can assist with rent when funding available


  • To receive services from Caritas, please bring a picture identification card for all members of the household over 18, documentation for household members under 18 (e.g. birth certificate, school/immunization record)and proof of current address/current bill,.
  • In the interview you will be registered with the system and given a Caritas/HMIS ID card.
  • *** helps with all electric providers based on funding
  • Hours: 8:30am-10:45am and 1:00-2:45pm Monday-Friday
  • Call to set up an appointment for rental assistance
  • Currently no funding (01/19/2023) but hopes to be refunded soon.

Contact info: 

  • 300 South 15th Street. Waco, TX 76701(corner of Mary and 15th)
  • (254) 753-4593
  • Se habla Español

Salvation Army


  • Rental Assistance Limited: Currently (01/19/2023) no funding for rental assistance in already established homes, but clients should continue to check monthly.
  • Emergency housing: men, women, and families where possible
  • Permanent housing: low-income housing for elderly and disabled through Heart through Home
  • Rapid rehousing program: Assists with the first month’s rent and down payment


  • Fill out application

Contact info:

  • 4721 W. Waco Drive, Waco, TX 76710
  • (254)752-7261
  • Se habla Español



Here are some laws you may want to know:

Rent Social Policy

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