Through church partnership and working alongside the community and its members we hope to be a part of building healthy communities that know Jesus because the unified church loved them.

Elm Mott Hunger Ministry

Tri-Cities Ministries is providing support and guidance to a group of churches starting a food pantry in Elm Mott. The building that will house the pantry is being prepared and this community resource is expected to launch shortly.

Lacy-Lakeview Asset Mapping Project 

The staff of Tri-Cities Ministries, as well as numerous volunteers are working together to identify assets in the Lacy-Lakeview community and create a map that can be used by the community. This effort is being led by Social Work Intern, Kelsey Miller, who states, “I believe that God is inviting all of us to a bigger and brighter version of how to look at our neighborhoods, as chock-full of people who God created, sustains, and deeply loves.” At the close of this project, the asset map will be shared with community members through the Lacy-Lakeview Chamber of commerce for the purpose of mobilizing the assets identified.