Building Community


Through church partnership and working alongside the community and its members we hope to be a part of building healthy communities that know Jesus because the unified church loved them.

Homelessness Research Project

This school year 2020-2021, we have three Social Work Interns; Kathleen Post, Liv Nortillo, and Jess Hedge. They are working together on the Homelessness Research Project, finding insights about homelessness in our service area. The project, led by Social Work intern, Kathleen Post,  will help educate the TCM staff, volunteers, and community partners about what people are facing and what we can do to help them. This project will run alongside the Asset Mapping of resources that will help transition people out of homelessness. 

Assets for Transitioning out of Homelessness Asset Mapping

The staff of Tri-Cities Ministries, as well as numerous volunteers, are working together to identify assets in the TCM service area and create a map that can be used by the community. This effort is being led by Social Work Intern, Jessica Hedge, who states, “We are surrounded by people created in God’s image and deserve to know how worthy they are. I believe that God is inviting us to love our neighbors and serve them where they are.” At the end of this project, the asset map will be shared with community members through many different community organizations. 

Coming Soon!

Our Social Work intern, Liv Nortillo, is working on a Client Social Support System Program. As human beings, we are social creatures and need human connection and relationships in our lives. This program will help address some of the issues created by people needing to practice social distancing from their friend groups and typical support systems due to Covid-19. We will be connecting members from our community with someone from our partner churches, and are doing this to help reduce the social isolation many people are facing during this time, to build relationships between our community members, to bridge gaps created by culture, and are hoping for a positive change!