Bridging Gaps

Tri-Cities Ministries provides emergency assistance to members of the 76705 and 76640 communities in the form of food, gasoline, rent and utilities. Each household can receive up to $100 of assistance each calendar year. A valid driver’s license or ID and proof of residence are required for all services.


Family and On-the-Go food bags are available for community members in need of food assistance. The family food bag contains a variety of non-perishable breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The On-the Go bag contains non-perusable ready-to-eat items, plastic ware, and water.


Pre-loaded gasoline cards are available for community members in need of assistance with transportation to doctor’s appointments and job interviews.   A valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance  is required.  All appointments will be verified.


Rent & Utilities

Community members may receive assistance with the final $100 of rent or the final $75 of a utility bill.  Proof of residence, the current bill and receipt showing the remaining balance are required.

Journey Together

In addition to providing emergency assistance, Tri-Cities Ministries has a case management program that seeks to work closely with our clients in order to determine underlying needs that are causing stress, or financial instability. After hearing our clients’ stories we connect them with community resources and other local agencies. We also provide assistance with job searches, interview training, and resume services. Anyone who calls, or comes by will have the opportunity to be interviewed and referred for services even if we cannot meet their need.

Prayer & Church Connections

The stress of daily life, not knowing where your next meal will come from or how bills will be paid are not only physical concerns but also emotional and spiritual. We are grateful to pray with any community member who desires prayer. We can also provide referrals to churches for continued care if a community member would like to meet with a pastor or get plugged into a local congregation.